ENJOY 10 tips on the Law of Attraction!

ENJOY 10 tips on the Law of Attraction!

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Law of Attraction Tip #1
The Law of Attraction works just like tuning forks. If you ding a tuning fork in a room full of tuning forks, only the tuning forks on the same wave length as the one you dinged will vibrate. The vibrations created by your feelings work exactly the same way. If you feel positive feelings, positive things will be attracted to you. If you feel negative feelings, then you will attract negative things – guaranteed.

Law of Attraction Tip #2
Using the Law of Attraction is like shopping in a catalogue that literally contains anything in the world that you could possibly want to have. Traditional thinking tells us that we can only have the things that we can afford, or that are appropriate for us to have, or that we deserve. The infinite power of the Universe does not recognize any of these human limitations. No matter how big something is, or how incredibly small, if you can imagine it, and you can feel what it

would be like to have it, then the Universe will deliver it to you.


Law of Attraction Tip #3
You do not have to justify why you want something, or whether or not you deserve it! This is a limitation that has been imposed on us by our social upbringing, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what the Universe can deliver to you. The infinite power of the Universe does not recognize whether you think of yourself as a good person or a bad person. It also does not recognize what your friends, family, or your society think of you. When using the Law of Attraction to attain what you desire, if you feel that you don’t deserve something, or you think that you aren’t worthy of it, then it is guaranteed that you won’t get it!

Law of Attraction Tip #4
Most adults have forgotten how to dream about what they want, and they usually don’t believe that they can have their desires, even if they do remember to dream. When you truly embrace the fact that you can literally have anything that you want by using the Law of Attraction, then you start to experience the emotion connected with having that thing. THAT is when you truly start to create the high frequency emotional vibrations that will attract that thing into your life.

Law of Attraction Tip #5
Laughter is one of the most effective ways to create true positive vibrations that will attract great things into your life. Laugh and smile as often as possible, and positive things will start to happen for you!

Law of Attraction Tip #6
In order to create the powerful vibrations needed to attract the things into your life that you want, it is not enough to simply think about them. You must figure out the emotional reason WHY you want that thing, and experience the positive emotion of HAVING it while you think about the object of your desire. The more positive emotion that you create by feeling good about having that thing, and the longer you stay in that emotionally positive state, the faster your desires will come to you!

Law of Attraction Tip #7
Think of the Universal power that resides inside each and every human being as a water hose. Any kind of negative emotions that you experience will pinch that hose and slow down or stop the flow of that power from inside of you. Your ability to use that power to get what you want from life will also slow down or stop. On the other hand, when you experience positive, happy emotions, then your hose is full of high pressure Universal energy and you can use it to literally manifest anything in the world that you want!

Law of Attraction Tip #8
A simple and powerful way to use the Law of Attraction is called “Intending”. By making a conscious effort to “intend” to do something, you call upon the resources that will be required to make that thing happen. Start out small with this method to learn how it works. Say that you “intend” to make it to work on time today. “Intend” to have a smile for everyone that you see today. Say that you “intend” to be very productive today. By consistently “intending” to do things – even small things – you are constantly building up the positive emotional vibration of Self-confidence. As you get more and more proficient at this, you will be amazed at how much your confidence soars, and how you can literally “intend” for anything to happen – and it will!  

Law of Attraction Tip #9
You have to stop focusing on the negative things in your life right now! Remember, the Law of Attraction works both ways. Whether you focus on something negative, or something positive, you will receive something out of that attraction – whether you want it or not. So, if you focus on something negative in your life – work, family, health, whatever – you are guaranteed to attract more of it!

Law of Attraction Tip #10
Our “reality” today is nothing more than the result of how we have been flowing our energy up to this point by using our feelings. Good, bad, or indifferent – YOU are the only one responsible for where your life is right now. The great news is that it doesn’t MATTER where your life is right now! By flowing your energy differently from now on and only feeling positive emotions, you can literally create your tomorrow to be whatever you want it to be!


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