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One Minute Tip:

Set Goals

People change things that are vital and essential to them. Whether it’s becoming a better parent, quitting drugs or getting a promotion, when something is absolutely ESSENTIAL, human beings find a way to do it.

An acquaintance of mine tried without success to change his lifestyle for years. After his heart attack, he became a vegetarian and quickly lost almost fifty pounds.

Many of the things we want aren’t “that important” to us. They are desirable, but they are not “necessary” and so we put them off, we become distracted, we “forget” and things don’t change.

When you want your goals as badly as a kid wants a new toy, or as badly as a teenager wants a driver’s license, or as badly as you want your next breath of air, you’ll find a way.

Power Quotes:



“As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
– Marianne Williamson


“Worry is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”
– Dorothy Galyean


“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.”
– John Wooden

Tips for your Happiness:

A Healthy Marriage Has These Ingredients

Couples get married every day. Couples get divorced every day as well. Of all the things a man and woman can decide to do, marriage is perhaps one of the most difficult.

Wait a minute! Getting married is easy. It’s a successful and happy marriage that’s difficult to achieve.

Almost half the people who decide to get married will find themselves facing a divorce within five years or less. Although these statistics are alarming, it’s good to note that the divorce rate has declined in the last few years or at least remained stable. One of the main reasons for this however is couples have spurned traditional marriage and elected to live together.

Living together, whether married or not, can be one of the best or worst things you’ve ever done. You enter into the sanctity of marriage with high hopes of a blissful relationship and the dreams of a beautiful home and family.

For many this has become true, but for many others reality set in and they found it too difficult to continue.

What makes the difference in the success and failure of a marriage? The reasons are as many as they are varied. But, most successful marriages seem to embrace a few key ingredients.

Both must be committed to a making the relationship work. Commitment is a scary word and many people run from the thought of a serious commitment.

It conjures thoughts of a ball and chain, a nagging spouse and mounting bills that wait to be paid. But, if you’re to have growth and accomplishments in a marriage, both must be committed to the same values and goals.

You’ve heard it before but you must be able to communicate. It is so important to communicate that it bears repeating.

This means not only talking about the happenings of the day at home and work but also sharing private thoughts and feelings. This is crucial for both husband and wife even if it’s hard to do at first. It will become something both of you look forward to if given the chance.

Strive to meet each other’s needs both emotional and physical. You must desire to take care of one another in every way. It should be a pleasure and not a chore. Treat your spouse as a friend as well as a lover and provider. Appreciate, admire and respect each other and you’ll find petty annoyances no problem at all.

Maintain a good balance of leisure, work and pleasure. Set common goals and work toward them. Dream together and strive to make those dreams come true. When a decision has to be made, do it together. Respect each other’s opinion and seek their help and advice.

Laugh with your spouse and not at your spouse. A sense of humor is a must if your marriage is to survive the pitfalls and setbacks all marriages endure. Ingredients of a good marriage are like the ingredients of a good recipe. Once you’ve found it, nothing could be better.

Learn good stress relief techniques.

Stress is an abnormal condition that disrupts the normal functions of the body or mind.

No two people are affected in exactly the same way, or to the same degree, but most people living in our highly industrialized society suffer from its effects at one or more times during their lives.

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Tips for your Health:

Are You a Prime Candidate for Skin Cancer?

Your skin type is the best barometer of whether or not you may be susceptible to skin cancer. People who are light-skinned are more likely to get sunburned and run the risk of developing skin cancer, specifically melanoma. But, tanning also causes skin damage and can increase your risks of the disease.

There are basically six types of skin types. You can predict how susceptible to skin cancer you are by identifying your type of skin you have:

1. Very light-skinned – You never get a tan, but always get sunburned when you spend any amount of time in the sun. If you’re type 1, you’re at extremely high risk for melanoma (a deadly skin cancer) or other cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

2. Fair-skinned – You can manage to tan, but it’s difficult – and a sunburn is much more likely. You should wear sunscreen with a high SPF and check yourself periodically to make sure you’re not burning.

3. Medium-skinned – You can tan or burn easily in the sun and are susceptible to skin damage and skin cancers. Wear a sunscreen when outside and get an annual physical checkup to be sure you have no worrisome growths.

4. Darker skin — If you tan easily and not likely to burn, you’re probably a type 4 skin type. You should still wear a sunscreen and check yourself for suspicious growths.

5. Dark skin — You tan very easily and seldom burn. A very serious form of melanoma – acral lentiginous – is common among those with darker skin and those who tan easily, so again, check yourself for growths.

6. Very dark skin – You may not burn, but you’re still at risk for skin cancer and you should definitely wear a sunscreen. Some melanomas often appear on the lighter skinned areas of soles of feet and palms, so check those areas for growths.

Don’t forget about your eyes when you seek protection from the sun. Wear glasses that protect you from the UV rays of the sun. Keep in mind that there are also medications that can increase your risk for skin cancer.

Any medicines that lower your immunity to diseases and drugs such as birth control pills, certain antibiotics, tricyclic antidepressants, diuretics, some anti-inflammatory medications and tetracycline or sulfa drugs can increase the risk.

Also, check your skin. If you have irregular or large moles – or many moles, check with your doctor to see if any are suspicious. If you were treated for skin cancer in the past, be sure and get regular checkups to see if it’s returned. Those with freckles may also be at risk.

People who live at high altitudes receive more UV radiation and may be more at risk, as do those who live or spend a great deal of time in tropical or subtropical zones. Avid gardeners and swimmers may have more sun damage –and check to see if your family has a history of cancers – especially skin cancer.

Caution is wise when dealing with skin cancer, so check out your skin type, history, medications or medical conditions to see if you’re at risk – and always wear sunscreen.

The Simplest Workout You’ll Ever Do

One of the best – and easiest – things you can do for your health is breathing exercises.

Try this:

Lie flat on your back and focus on your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply. Be aware of your abdomen – feeling it softly rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Keep your mouth closed, and draw the air into your body through the nostrils.

Just breathe deeply into the abdomen, all the way down into your pelvis. Find the rhythm that is fluid, smooth, and relaxing for your body.

11 Health Benefits Of Regular Exercise

1. It reduces your risk of developing heart disease.

2. It reduces high blood pressure or the risk of developing high blood pressure.

3. It reduces high cholesterol or the risk of developing high cholesterol.

4. You’re less likely to develop back problems as you grow older.

5. It reduces your risk of developing colon cancer and breast cancer.

6. It reduces your risk of premature death.

7. It reduces / maintains bodyweight and body fat.

8. It increases bone density, which will reduce the risk of suffering from stress fractures or osteoporosis

9. Your immune system will be stronger, therefore, you’re less likely to catch a cold or any other virus through the winter months.

10. It reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

11. It builds / maintains healthy muscles, bones, and joints .

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At Sunday School they were teaching how God created everything, including human beings. 

Little Johnny, a child in the kindergarten class, seemed especially intent when they told him how Eve was created out of one of Adam’s ribs. 

Later in the week his mother noticed him lying down as though he were ill, and said, “Johnny, what’s the matter?”

Little Johnny responded, “I have a pain in my side. I think I’m going to have a wife.”

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Thank for reading, I hope that you have found some extra motivation and inspiration on HOW TO LOVE YOUR LIFE!





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