Where is Our Nigeria?

It puzzles my mind and I don’t understand. Can we say we are Nigerians when we are destroying the Nigeria of which we belong to with our hands?

How can we say we belong to a family, yet we are destroying our family?

How can we say we are of one house, yet we don’t want the progress of that house — tearing down our protective wall?

I keep wondering. All these people whose mission is nothing less than destroying lives and properties with all their sponsors — are they really Nigerians?  Do they belong to this family and are they part of this house?

It’s a pity that most people in other nations and places are seriously looking for what to do for their nation, devising means of imparting their peripheries, supporting progress and implementing changes which will naturally graduate into a systematic and dynamic growth, providing a peaceable, reliable and active society for the integration of all factors of development. Yet we are busy retarding the developmental pace of our society in this era of digitized society when the whole world is progressively integrating, advancing in all developmental ramifications – it’s worth pondering because is really puzzling.


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