Thinking thoughts of…

maxresdefaultAlways think big: The word of God encourages us to think like God (big). The Bible says “…and the Spirit of God was moved upon the face of the waters”. (Genesis 1:2). The spirit of God moved and hovered, which means that it covered over the entire earth. The Bible didn’t say that the spirit of God was at a station, or was stagnant, no! It occupied and was not limited. Thinking big is a way of not limiting yourself to your present situation, circumstances and environment. When you think big, you see big, create big and achieve big. Always remember that the world is big with about 7 billion people. Never limit yourself and don’t let anyone limit you, because you have received the spirit of love, of power and sound mind (II Timothy 1:7).
Practical application:
• Write out your goals/plans which you would want to accomplish for the next six months, one year, five years, ten years etc.
• Begin each day by outlining your goals for the day and end the by evaluating your achievement for the day
• Read books written and about the things you want to accomplish
• Make up with people who want to accomplish similar things as you
• Always think and meditate on the word of God and on the things you want to accomplish


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