Thinking thoughts of…

Always think big: The word of God encourages us to think like God (big). The Bible says “…and the Spirit of God was moved upon the face of the waters”. (Genesis 1:2). The spirit of God moved and hovered, which means that it covered over the entire earth. The Bible didn’t say that the spirit […]

The Abundance of the Universe

I believe in abundance! Abundance is the bread of the children of God, it is our portion, because everything that God made is in abundance. For instance, air is naturally in abundance, water is naturally in abundance, soil is naturally in abundance etc.  All the things that are of nature made by God are in […]

25 Great Quotes on Leadership

One of the more fascinating topics of life is the leaders of history and how they shaped the world. Here are 25 great and insightful thoughts on leadership. I hope you get something helpful out of … Source: 25 Great Quotes on Leadership

The power to do all things

I believe in the power of God to do all things: Believing in the power of God to do all things eliminates all possible limitations and fear. God the creator of heaven and earth is not limited and a… Source: The power to do all things

The fundamentality of all humanity

The mind is a distinctive fundamental element in all human. All human is said to have come from the same source, possessing the same features of which the mind in one of those features. The human m… Source: The fundamentality of all humanity