The fundamentality of all humanity

The mind is a distinctive fundamental element in all human. All human is said to have come from the same source, possessing the same features of which the mind in one of those features. The human mind is said to be the thought bank from which all action originates, the center from which conceptions are […]

Let’s Talk About Love!

The heart cannot contain both fear and love at the same time. When our hearts contain fear, we cannot love. Fear is worrying that we won’t get what we need. Love is about sharing with the other person. When we are walking with love in our heart, living with love, then we are in an […]

Seed of life Reality.

The pursuing of flowers is the pursuing of illusions, but the pursuing of seeds is the pursuing of reality. In our world of today,  many have neglected, despise and refused the seed wherein contains life, for the pursuing of flowers which you see today blooming but tomorrow is no more, thus many have chosen to […]

How can you change your mindset?

How can you change your mindset? To get rid of old, limiting programming, we have to constantly and consistently put new ideas into our minds. New ideas create positive, powerful new paradigms. Vincent Van Gogh said, “I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.” The key to creating a new mindset is consistency. […]


GET IT ALL NOW — YOU CAN – I CAN EVERYONE CAN – SO DO IT —   START MAKING THOSE IMAGES IN YOUR HEADS – Science has proven the power of visualization and its ability to create. Golfer Jack Nicholas always visualizes his stroke before he hits the ball. He feels his swing and sees […]

Limited Mind equals to Limited Life!

A Positive Mindset is the Foundation for Success Most of us are conditioned since childhood to believe certain things and to follow the system. We get told not to swim against the current, not to make a fool of ourselves, and not to take risks. This inhibits our choices and unless we take conscious action […]